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Greetings folks,

At this point I must say a very big thankyou to three individuals who have helped me suss out the date for the last video update’s Super 66 draw track with Sandy Roberts.

Firstly, two of my twitter followers, @FlemishDog and @onlyapaprmoon, who are absolutely brilliant and are doing the same thing as us – going through old tapes and grabbing stuff – they checked and re-checked things for me and came up with the fact the draw number was 210, and was from May 7th 1983. Then a long time mate, Samuel Gordon-Stewart (over at Samuel’s Blog) came to the party, who went out and did 2 hours of research and also came up with May 7th 1983, and was also kind enough to send back some photocopies/scans of some Victorian papers and some other tidbits.

You guys are absolutely sensational and I can’t thank you all enough for doing this for me – it makes things so much easier ID’ing this stuff down the track if I ever need to present it again in some way, shape or form. A million and one thankyou’s!

Video Update 13/03/2014

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**Clips available from 8.25pm AEDST Thursday March 13th

TVC: Lotto $2Mil Jackpot
Dur: 0’31”, 2.5 MB

Nightline with Liz Hayes (edit)
Dur: 3’54”, 12.3 MB

10 ID: You’re home on Ten
Dur: 0’11”, 879 KB

TVC: Tooheys – rugby league 60″
Dur: 1’00”, 6.8 MB

10 Promo: The Benny Hill Show
Dur: 0’30”, 2.2 MB

10 Promo: “Great Australians” movie campaign
Dur: 0’29”, 2.1 MB

10 ID “Home on Ten” instrumental version/Nightly closedown sequence
Dur: 1’01”, 6.0 MB

Super 66 draw with Sandy Roberts – Draw #210, May 7th 1983
Dur: 5’48”, 24.7 MB

TVC: Mitre 10 “Australia’s biggest hardware men” campaign
Dur: 0’30”, 3.7 MB

TVC: P Women’s Shoes
Dur: 0’20”, 1.6 MB

TVC: KFC “Travelpack” campaign
Dur: 0’29”, 2.6 MB

TNT9 on-air program fail
Dur: 1’30”, 5.3 MB

TNT9 movie show/follow-up to on-air program fail
Dur: 1’36”, 8.2 MB

TNT9 movie show
Dur: 2’36”, 16.6 MB
**Includes Bill Collins stating “Who is this stupid, ignorant bum?!” which may have been lifted from a seperate blooper tape and put to air on this night

TVC: Area Women’s Clothing
Dur: 0’31”, 2.2 MB

TVC: Ski Yoghurt “Ski-Boom” campaign
Dur: 0’31”, 2.7 MB
**Affected by tape damage

TVC: Whiskas – “Did your cat get his Whiskas today?”
Dur: 0’31”, 2.3 MB

7 National News Newsbreak with Dennis Broadfield
Dur: 0’52”, 4.9 MB

TVC: Kraft Cheddar “Uurrrgh Yuk!” version
Dur: 0’30”, 3.7 MB
**Ironically, I found myself saying “Yum!!” to every one of the four cheeses mentioned at the beginning of this spot!

TVC: Energizer Batteries with Jacko
Dur: 0’30”, 3.8 MB
**New tagline and ending statements in this version

An eBay purchase recently with a whole bunch of bits and pieces included a small 1/4″ audio reel, quite dusty and not in the best shape, but after a clean I was able to run it through, and salvage what was there. Quality isn’t the best as it was recorded at 1 7/8 ips in quarter-track, but here’s just a small sample anyway – 5 to 6 minutes worth of 2CH’s “Connections” with Rev Roger Bush, November 1983.

Dur: 6’10”, 64 kbps 44 kHz Mono, 2.9 MB
Audio credit: Macquarie Radio Network

Video Update 06/03/2014

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**Clips available from 7.30pm AEDST Thursday March 6th

Vision Credits for this update
16mm Prints: Chris Keating
Rights: Philip Morris International

This update, the final 10 cuts of Marlboro spots. We hope you enjoyed the entire series! Back to our regular spots and ID’s next time.

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’09”, 3.3 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’07”, 5.6 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’06”, 6.7 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’02”, 7.9 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’01”, 4.0 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’07”, 4.0 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’05”, 4.7 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’04”, 4.7 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’04”, 4.8 MB

16mm print: Marlboro Country **Colour Print**
Dur: 1’02”, 4.3 MB

..and now your regular dose of 2UW audio! Continuing on the promo master series, here’s the first few tracks from #70, with the tape starting with more Bazz ‘n’ Pilko content. A medley of 18 cuts for Bazz ‘n’ Pilko’s $1000 Questions promotion, all the $10 questions.

Thursday 4pm and 5pm cuts – October 16th 1986
Friday 9am to 5pm cuts – October 17th 1986
Monday 9am to 3pm cuts – October 20th 1986

6’50”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 6.4 MB
Audio credit: ARN