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Video Update 16/04/2014

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**All files available from 10.15pm AEST Wednesday April 16th**

TVC: Rheem water heaters
Dur: 0’31”, 1.4 MB

ABC-TV pre-nightly closedown sequence
Dur: 1’46”, 4.2 MB

Dur: 0’29”, 1.8 MB

TNT9 “Still The One” ID
Dur: 0’33”, 2.4 MB

ABC-TV nightly closedown sequence – June 20th 1986
Dur: 2’56”, 15.5 MB

Tas-TV Promo: The Today Show
Dur: 0’15”, 936 KB

TVC: General Electric (GE)
Dur: 0’59”, 3.5 MB

TVC: Kit Kat bars
Dur: 0’29”, 2.9 MB

TVC: Levi’s Jeans
Dur: 0’30”, 3.0 MB

TVC: Cat Chow
Dur: 0’30”, 1.2 MB

Saturday night’s alright for XY! Here’s our own Laurie Atlas with a combined good friday and easter monday scoped aircheck from 1991.

Dur: 24’24”, 64 kbps 44 kHz Mono, 11.1 MB
Audio credit: AWA Limited

2UW Promo Master #76

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…and the next one in the series: 2UW Promo Master #76, recorded November 14th to 27th 1986. No engineer cues in this one unfortunately.

Dur: 23’23”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 21.9 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Download the PDF tracklist here

Video Update 10/04/2014

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ABC-TV: Mike Walsh Show 1987 – Kylie Minogue appearance
Dur: 4’17”, 19.9 MB

Midday with Ray Martin 1987 – John Williamson appearance
Dur: 3’50”, 9.1 MB

TV Week Logie Awards 1986 – John Farnham and Laura Branigan appearance
Dur: 5’36”, 13.9 MB

TVC: SPC Fruit
Dur: 0’31”, 2.3 MB

Tas-TV Promo: Perfect Match
Dur: 0’24”, 2.5 MB

TVC: Jenny Craig weight loss centres
Dur: 0’59”, 4.3 MB

TNT9: News Brief partial/ID/Down The Line partial
Dur: 5’00”, 17.1 MB

TVC: Glad Wrap
Dur: 0’29”, 2.9 MB

Midday with Ray Martin – Bev Harrell appearance
Dur: 2’51”, 15.9 MB
**Much thanks and appreciation to Andrew over at for letting us know the woman in this clip is Bev Harrell. Ta mate.

7 Sport: AFL female streaker
Dur: 0’57”, 4.1 MB

This is both sides of a 7″ single recorded by AWA Custom Recording from June 1967, and is from the Australian Radio Advertising Bureau, featuring 8 ads considered for the Merit Awards For Radio Commercials.

1. Introduction
2. Golden fleece petrol
3. Plough’s coppertone
4. Ampol H-power petrol
5. Kayser vamp stockings
6. Kraft foods vegemite
7. Air new zealand
8. Andronicus Coffee
9. A.M.P. Society

Dur: 6’27”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo. 6.0 MB
Audio credit: Australian Radio Advertising Bureau/AWA Custom Recording