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From the mailbag…

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A big shoutout to Michael who emailed in to us during the weekend:

i’m on the look out for any australian radio news broadcasts.
do you have any on your site?
i love your website and am wondering if you have ever thought about making a podcast with all the air checks?
that would be fantastic.

Michael, thanks heaps for emailing, I tried to get back to you but can’t seem to send out anything at the moment. Anyway, re the australian radio news broadcasts. A couple do exist that were up here some time ago from Sydney’s 2GB from about 1983/1984, but mostly they’re not stand-alone, they tend to be wrapped up in the longer airchecks I put up. There’s one here at the moment about half an hour into the 3FOX aircheck though, and at the moment I’m sorting through a whole new batch of transfers so keep checking back – but as I say, mostly the news stuff is wrapped up in the airchecks, not many at the moment that are just standalone.

Re the podcast, I did have a podcast some time ago but through lack of time it had to be discontinued. It may be back, I’m not sure yet, though I’ve been throwing a few ideas around recently. Will let you know! The good news is we made over 30 editions between 2006 and 2007 and the masters are still around so past editions may be worth a good laugh for now! Heheh…

Cheers 🙂

Update 1.58pm: Thanks again to onlyapaprmoon and Jose from a radio board who both confirmed Richard Combe and Peter Combe are not related. Also corrected the spelling of Coombe by referencing this graphic sent to us by Jose. Cheers mate!

(Image: The Age newspapers)


A couple of weeks back, I featured a 2DAY-FM aircheck from 1982. On the other side of that tape, I was lucky enough to find an aircheck from roughly the same time, coming to us from another station in that stable, 3FOX. So without any further adon’t (?), here’s 47 minutes of Richard Combe. I’m not sure if the fact his surname is Combe, he’s related to Peter Combe, who at roughly the same time was doing Let’s Have Music on ABC Radio though. Anyway, enjoy this one, and given its length, we’ve made it easy for you to also listen to it offline on your device of choice. Simply right-click the download button and you’re on your way.

Keen listeners will note at 25 minutes the smooth presentation falls over as the equipment starts misbehaving – Fire and Rain played at the 18 minute mark is played once again, but cut off after about a minute, and then that and another song play over the top of each other for a few seconds before the mess is sorted out. At 31 minutes we have a “10 O’Clock Fox Report” for Esso (!), and Mike Jeffries takes over at 46 minutes, with the aircheck rounding off with an ID, incomplete due to lack of tape.

3FOX FM Melbourne: Richard Combe – August 24th 1981
Dur: 47’09”, 45.2 MB, Stereo
Audio credit: SCA


Video Update 30/04/2015

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TVC: Kodak Film early bird dining offer
Dur: 0’30”, 10.3 MB

TVC: Kodak Gold III film
Dur: 0’45”, 15.0 MB

TVC: Kotex Feminine Hygiene
Dur: 0’30”, 9.4 MB

TVC: Levi’s 501 Jeans
Dur: 0’15”, 4.0 MB

TVC: Levi’s Button Fly Jeans
Dur: 0’30”, 10.5 MB

TVC: Light Ice Beers 30 seconder
Dur: 0’30”, 8.6 MB

TVC: Light Ice Beers 10 seconder
Dur: 0’10”, 3.3 MB

TVC: Lotto 12 Million Mega-Month campaign
Dur: 0’15”, 8.2 MB

TVC: Luna Park
Dur: 0’15”, 4.6 MB

TVC: M & M’s Chocolates
Dur: 0’30”, 14.6 MB

TVC: Masterfoods Indian Sauces
Dur: 0’15”, 4.4 MB

TVC: McCain Baby Peas
Dur: 0’15”, 5.9 MB

TVC: McCain Pizza Pockets
Dur: 0’15”, 5.4 MB

TVC: McDonalds – It’s Mactime Again campaign
Dur: 0’31”, 9.0 MB

TVC: McDonalds – Breakfast Menu campaign
Dur: 0’15”, 5.8 MB

TVC: McWilliams Sherry
Dur: 0’16”, 5.9 MB

TVC: Medibank Private – Shearers version
Dur: 0’30”, 7.8 MB

TVC: Meds Tampons
Dur: 0’31”, 5.9 MB

TVC: Microsoft – 3D Movie Maker
Dur: 0’30”, 8.6 MB

TVC: Microsoft – Office Value Pack
Dur: 0’15”, 7.3 MB


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest We Forget





(image credit: Ballina RSL Clubs

G’day folks,

I knew this week’s video update looked a little old. There were 9 missing clips! I’ve just fixed this up and there should now be 20 as originally planned.