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Video Update 26/11/2014

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**All tracks from the 70’s. Thanks to Troy for supplying these dubs.**

TVC: Winfield Cigarettes with Paul Hogan
Dur: 1’03”, 2.7 MB

TVC: Cyflee Flea Control
Dur: 1’05”, 4.9 MB

TVC: Eveready Gold Batteries
Dur: 0’31”, 2.4 MB

TVC: Glad Tucker Bags loonies
Dur: 0’33”, 1.6 MB

TVC: Steel Cat Tyres
Dur: 0’30”, 2.6 MB

TVC: Amoco Petrol – Going Going Amocoing
Dur: 1’01”, 5.5 MB

TVC: Havesome Peanuts
Dur: 0’31”, 3.0 MB

TVC: K-Tel “Country Favourites” Album
Dur: 1’00”, 4.8 MB

TVC: Tooheys “She’s a good old town she’s a tooheys town” campaign
Dur: 0’37”, 2.3 MB

TVC: Ahed Marketing – Fonzie’s Favourites album
Dur: 1’02”, 3.0 MB


The Ford Show: Ep 136, tx February 5th 1957
 33 1/3 RPM Macquarie Broadcasting Service transcription disc

Dur: 29’55”
Audio: MP3 96 kbps 44 kHz Mono
Credit: Macquarie Broadcasting Service (2GB)
Going through my small collection of radio transcription discs after putting up the 45 RPM release dubs some months back. Let’s kick it off with this edition of Macquarie Broadcasting Service’s “The Ford Show”, broadcast February 5th 1957. This was split over 2 sides, the first part carrying the first 13 minutes, and the second part (where this label scan came off) having the last 16 minutes.

Video Update 18/11/2014

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**All cuts from the 70’s. Many thanks to Troy for supplying the dubs! All clips available from 11.50pm AEDST Tuesday November 18th

TVC: OTC Memories
Dur: 0’57”, 3.8 MB

TVC: Tooheys – I Feel Like A Tooheys campaign (boat race version)
Dur: 1’00”, 6.4 MB

TVC: Tooheys Lite – The Time Is Right campaign
Dur: 1’06”, 4.3 MB

TVC: White Wings Soups
Dur: 0’31”, 3.2 MB

TVC: Winfield Cigarettes – Paul Hogan (full version)
Dur: 1’29”, 5.0 MB

TVC: Amoco ‘nice clean petrol’
Dur: 2’21”, 19.7 MB

TVC: Pledge Cleaners with Paula Duncan
Dur: 0’32”, 2.0 MB

TVC: Sunshine Instant milk
Dur: 1’03”, 3.4 MB

TVC: Winfield Cigarettes – Paul Hogan (ace flying school version)
Dur: 0’37”, 1.9 MB

TVC: Winfield Cigarettes – Paul Hogan (rodeo version)
Dur: 1’07”, 6.5 MB

My Production Demo!

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Are you ready for 3’53” worth of pure lunacy? Enjoy my new audio production demo! (3’53”, 5.2 MB)

Audio Update 13/11/2014

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Rightio folks, and here we go with the final two 2UW masters!

(a) 2UW Gary Jaegar ‘behind the rock’ master – 17’27”, 24.5 MB
This is a raw tape that contains question tracks for 2UW’s “Behind The Rock” quiz. Voiced by Gary Jaegar, engineer cues present.
(b) 2UW Winners master #3 – 32’15”, 45.3 MB
This one’s a compile tape of winners of various 2UW competitions, no cues.

Audio credit for both: ARN

Next week: Top Spots 80’s master reels (maybe, haven’t got word from the good folk at the current Top Spots if it’s okay to put these up yet), if not, some other audio – haven’t thought of a plan B yet…