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Soundcloud is down

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Seems Soundcloud are having some problems at the moment folks. All audio is at time of writing being represented by orange arrows and error messages. They’re onto it apparently…

2.07pm: Looks like it’s fixed now. Cool!

Here we have some raw material from 2UW’s Bazz ‘n’ Pilko! This is a tape of segments for use during Aussie 80’s, basically quiz questions. I’ve had to drop one bit of in-between chat and mucking around as what was mentioned was highly defamatory (which only lasted around 20 seconds) but here’s the rest of it. Engineer cues are also present and this time around it’s Pete Firminger on the buttons.

2UW Bazz ‘n’ Pilko Aussie 80’s master Part B
Dur: 13’15”, 12.1 MB

Audio Update 27/10/2014

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Rightio! More audio here for you wonderful folks, and now that the promo masters are all done, here’s some other stuff from the same bunch. This is pretty much a compile of some stuff from Chris Kearns and Gary Jaegar as follows:

1. 2UW Ausmusic Hour voice tracks tape
Tape of voice tracks for use during 2UW’s Ausmusic Hour

2. 2UW Desert Island Requests with Darren Beadman, February 1990
Segments for Desert Island Requests with special guest Darren Beadman

3. 2UW Rock Roll & Remember instant requests raw tape, February 1990
This is a raw and unedited tape of phoners for use during Rock Roll & Remember. I’ve left as many in-between elements as I could to not screw up the continuity.

Ausmusic Hour – Dur: 5’38”, 5.1 MB
Desert Island Requests – Dur: 9’43”, 8.9 MB
Rock Roll & Remember raw tape – Dur: 15’57”, 14.6 MB

Audio credit: Not only ARN but also Chris and Gary

2UW Compile track

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OK, now that the 2UW promo masters are all done, here’s the other stuff left behind. To start with, a compile track of some bits ‘n’ pieces.

1. 2UW Theatre Of The Mind promo (Radio 11) (tagged as “Sydney’s Hot Hits Music Station”)
2. Sonovox Idents: Radio 11 2UW x2, Radio 11 2UW Rocks Australia, 2UW The Amazing AM.
3. Sonovox taped welcome message to producers/carters etc plus Radio 11 2UW ident outtake
4. Ident: 2UW x2 (cut 1 with music, 2 without), then short tone.
5. Ident: 2UW (vocals only)
6. 2UW Count The Cash promo (tagged as “The 1982-UW”)
7. 2UW Record Snatch promo (tagged as “Better Music, 2UW”)

Dur: 3’48”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Mono, 3.5 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Audio Update 24/10/2014

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In this batch are the final two 2UW promo master reels, numbers 171 and 205. No cues. After these, it’s onto some of the other stuff in the bunch. For now, enjoy these two.

Master #171 – 15’35”, 21.4 MB
Master #205 – 18’44”, 25.7 MB

Audio credit for both as usual: ARN

..and now the PDF tracklists:

2UW Promo Master 171
2UW Promo Master 205