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Audio Update 26/08/2014

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2UW Promo Master #108
Dur: 30’23”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 27.8 MB
Audio credit: ARN

2UW Promo Master #112
Dur: 30’04”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 42.9 MB
Audio credit: ARN

A few weeks back I got to the end of posting the vinyl release dubs I had. After a while, I’ve also managed to dub off the various reels in the bunch as well, so here’s a complete one. Recently I also added a complete episode of Macquarie’s “The Ford Show” but that has only had 2 plays in the entire time it’s been up so will leave the rest of them out for now.

From Fitzgerald Productions comes this one, reel 12-1236, with various versions for Cottees, including all engineer cues, originally recorded September 1966. The very last cut is unbelievably damaged and is therefore not included.

Dur: 9’36”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 13.1 MB
Audio credit: Fitzgerald Productions

Tracklists and Scans

2UW Promo Master #108 PDF:2UW Promo Master #108
2UW Promo Master #112 PDF:2UW Promo Master 112
Fitzgerald Productions Tape 12-1236 Scan:

Video Update 26/08/2014

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**All clips available from 11.00pm AEST Tuesday August 26th 2014.
**Credit to Troy for the dubs.

9 Promo: Water Rats
Dur: 0’17”, 2.5 MB

9 Promo: Weird TV Japanese Style with Michael Veitch
Dur: 0’17”, 3.6 MB

9 ID
Dur: 0’14”, 2.1 MB

10 ID
Dur: 0’14”, 2.9 MB

9 Promo: National Nine News
Dur: 0’32”, 7.5 MB

9 Promo: The Mike Walsh Show
Dur: 0’12”, 2.7 MB

TVC: Compilation Album “The Heat’s On”
Dur: 0’32”, 7.8 MB

TVC: Golden Breed T-Shirts with Grant Kenny
Dur: 0’32”, 9.2 MB

TVC: KFC “3 Cheers Special”
Dur: 0’32”, 8.4 MB

TVC: Nock & Kirby – Joe The Gadget Man
Dur: 0’31”, 6.6 MB

Video Update 20/08/2014

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**Except for one track, here’s a bunch of 15 seconders from the Nine network. Presumably 1995-1997 going on the fact there’s Super League in one cut and Pauline Hanson in the newsbreak. I’d be guessing though. My thanks to Troy for these cuts and a whole bunch of others I’ll be putting up here over the coming weeks, which from next week will start at 1982 and go up to 1988. Hope you enjoy! From this update I’ve also increased the video bitrate due to an upgrade with our server space so it all should look just a little clearer now.

TVC: 2WS Cash Calls with Hans ‘n’ Kayley
Dur: 0’16”, 1.3 MB

9 Newsbreak with Peter Overton
Dur: 0’32”, 2.8 MB

9 Promo: A Current Affair with Ray Martin
Dur: 0’17”, 1.2 MB

9 Promo: Monday Night Football – Super League
Dur: 0’15”, 2.2 MB
**Much thanks and appreciation to @SydneyCityTV and @onlyapaprmoon for sussing out the date for this game! Monday, May 5th, 1997. Thanks both!!

9 Promo: A Current Affair with Jana Wendt
Dur: 0’15”, 1.3 MB

9 Promo: Caroline In The City
Dur: 0’15”, 969 KB

9 Promo: Good Guys Bad Guys
Dur: 0’15”, 1.0 MB

9 Promo: Nightline with Peter Overton
Dur: 0’16”, 1.3 MB

9 Promo: Sale Of The Century (Glenn Ridge/Nicky Buckley)
Dur: 0’15”, 1.2 MB

9 Promo: The Drew Carey Show
Dur: 0’16”, 1.2 MB

Audio Update 18/08/2014

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OK, and continuing the 2UW Promo Masters for a while as we prepare more stuff, here’s #105, with all cues intact.

Dur: 30’22”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 42.7 MB
Audio credit: ARN

..and now, #107, again with all cues/track idents intact. Unfortunately, #106 is missing.

Dur: 31’15”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 43.9 MB
Audio credit: ARN

Audio Update 15/08/2014

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Another quick audio update here, and this time, a complete episode from February 7th 1957 of Macquarie Broadcasting’s “The Ford Show”, taken from 33 1/3 rpm transcription records.

Dur: 29’55”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Mono, 27.4 MB
Audio credit: Macquarie Broadcasting Service Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia

**Update 2.47pm: Sorry folks, just realised there was a dud link there. Updated it now and it should be good to go.