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This soundcloud playlist has three 7″ 45 RPM release dubs!

a) Broadcast Exchange Of Australia: 7 Best Commercials Of 1959
This is a compiled dub of originally 8 tracks, but one is so badly damaged it couldn’t be restored – so we’re down to 7, and here they are. It contains spots for Californian Poppy, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Lux, Omo, Victa, Vincents, and Viscount.

b) XR Falcon Tracks
This is from Bruce Clark’s Jingle Workshop and carries 8 tracks. 10, 30 and 60 second cuts are here, and there are also cuts which have a 5 second tag for an announcer to do a dealer ID with.

(c) Fitzgerald Productions: General Electric Mantle TV radio audition disc
This contains two cuts featuring auditions for the G.E. Mantle TV, with track calls actually left on the disc. Bit noisy this one but I’m sure you can handle it.

a) Dur: 4’53”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 6.7 MB
Audio credit: B.E.A.
b) Dur: 5’23”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 4.9 MB
Audio credit: Bruce Clark’s Jingle Workshop
c) Dur: 1’47”, 128 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 1.6 MB
Audio credit: Fitzgerald Productions

Video Update 25/06/2014

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TVC: New Idea Magazine
Dur: 0’16”, 1.3 MB

CSA: Do The Right Thing – Talking Litter Bins
Dur: 0’32”, 2.6 MB

TVC: Bigs Chips with Pamela Stephenson
Dur: 0’32”, 2.6 MB

CSA: NSW Traffic Authority “take it easy” campaign
Dur: 0’32”, 3.2 MB

9 Promo: A Current Affair Summer Edition with Liz Hayes
Dur: 0’22”, 1.0 MB

TVC: Centrepoint (Sydney Tower)
Dur: 0’31”, 1.7 MB

Seven Nightly News Newsbreak with Ann Sanders
Dur: 0’31”, 2.3 MB

TVC: Greater Union movie promo – A Fish Called Wanda
Dur: 0’31”, 1.4 MB

CSA: Greenpeace
Dur: 0’31”, 1.6 MB

TVC: Coke with John Farnham
Dur: 0’31”, 3.8 MB

7 Promos: Oz TV’s Greatest Commercials/Atlantic Records Anniversary
Dur: 0’33”, 2.2 MB

I need to get the word out about this, and I want to send my thanks and appreciation to James Paterson of the Australian Television Archive for allowing me to reproduce the material below. It appears the BBC and Top Gear have put to air material from the archive’s Youtube channel, and then had the gall to file a copyright infringement notice against THEM, claiming that THEY took the footage from the BBC and TOP GEAR! Are these guys serious or what?!? You have got to be kidding me!

The following is from James, of which it has been shared on other facebook pages and user profiles, as well as here, and I would strongly encourage you to head over to their facebook page, join up and give them your support. Do it now! Not tomorrow. Now.

Go here for the Australian Television Archive site
Go here for the Australian Television Archive facebook page

“INSANITY As BBC Worldwide/ Top Gear airs material sourced directly
from austvarchives youtube channel, then claims copyright infringement

In recent developments today, BBC Worldwide claimed copyright infringement against the Australian Television Archive, over its use of a number of classic australian 16mm Ford tv commercials claiming these clips were pirated directly from the Top Gear program.

Upon review it was revealed that BBC Worldwide / Top Gear had sourced the clips in question, from the Australian Television Archives actual film transfer/copy, by ripping the clip from the austvarchive youtube channel itself, or obtaining it through underground methods. Possibly to bypass the research and supply/transfer fees to source the clips officially through the archive.

This comes as yet another example of how program producers are increasingly employing this method of bypassing television archives in favour of sourcing material from youtube or other non broadcast means, thereby crippling specialised archives such as The Australian Television Archive.

This in the long term results in a loss to us all, the industry, the viewers, our culture and history, with only short term gain for the program producers.

As of today clips of the actual Top Gear airing of this commercial are still freely available on youtube, further illustrating the irony that they are appearing to target their footage source for the infringement.

The Australian Television Archive, is a specialised television and film archive based in Melbourne, Australia, offering a unique footage research and supply service as well as a range of archival film and video restoration and transfer services.”

Thanks heaps to Adrian for letting us know this update had a lil’ problem with some vids. All should be okay again.

TVC: H’its Awesome compilation album
Dur: 0’32”, 3.9 MB
**On the end of this cut it’s Rik Mayall! RIP Rik.

TVC: Butter “It’s only natural” campaign with Peter Russell Clarke
Dur: 0’32”, 4.4 MB

TVC: New Idea Magazine
Dur: 0’31”, 2.8 MB

TVC: Nabisco premium range
Dur: 0’32”, 3.5 MB

TVC: Luna Park “One more time for the dummies”
Dur: 0’32”, 3.9 MB

10 ID: Ten Out Of Ten Australia (30 second version)
Dur: 0’32”, 3.7 MB

TVC: Just Jeans
Dur: 0’31”, 6.4 MB

TVC: PK Chewing Gum
Dur: 0’31”, 5.0 MB

TVC: Pools 6 from 38
Dur: 0’31”, 3.9 MB

10 Promo: Star Search (Marcia Hines version)
Dur: 0’32”, 2.8 MB

10 Promo: Star Search (Simon Gallaher version)
Dur: 0’33”, 2.7 MB

G’day folks,

I thought it would be fun to put up my collection of 7″ vinyl release dubs. These are basically just commercials from the late 50’s to the late 60’s that were once distributed to radio networks on 7″ vinyl records. So let’s get started with this one:

Amco: AB 1-3 Side 1, AB 4-5 Side 2

Dur: 2’21”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 3.2 MB
Audio credit: Fitzgerald Productions

This one is from the Australian Radio Advertising Bureau and is a compile of various tracks:

1. Introduction
2. Johnson’s baby powder “Reading the can”
3. Speedo “Sounds in colour – Black”
4. Yardley “Space face”
5. Marshall batteries
6. Rothmans consulate
7. Dan Burke electrical store
8. Kayser “Knees pop out”

Dur: 6’40”, 192 kbps 44 kHz Stereo, 9.1 MB
Audio credit: Australian Radio Advertising Bureau and AWA Custom Recording. Cat. No. AW31428.