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Video Update 28/01/2014

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**All clips available for download from 1.00am AEDST 28/01/2014**

7 National News Newsbreak with Greg Grainger
Dur: 0’55”, 4.2 MB

TVC: St George Building Society with Julie Anthony
Dur: 1’00”, 4.4 MB

7 Promo: Newsworld with Clive Robertson
Dur: 0’27”, 1.8 MB

TVC: NRMA – Somebody Says Thankyou campaign
Dur: 1’00”, 5.2 MB

TVC: Diahatsu – That’s Who campaign
Dur: 0’31”, 4.2 MB

TVC: 2UW Sydney – Malcolm T Elliott
Dur: 0’10”, 994 KB

TVC: Tooheys 2.2 with Max Walker
Dur: 0’28”, 2.7 MB

TVC: Panasonic Office Automation – Peter Allen and Victoria Nicholls
Dur: 0’28”, 2.7 MB

TVC: Swatch watches
Dur: 0’30”, 2.5 MB

CSA: The Drug Offensive – Speed
Dur: 0’45”, 1.9 MB

..and here we are, back for 2014 and another year of archival goodness! Most of these cuts are from TNT9 Tasmania off a betamax tape, and some cuts have appeared on Youtube in the last couple of years. Those cuts are from this same tape. This year we’ve also incorporated some of the titles into the filenames rather than just numbers so if you’re building up a lil’ collection of this stuff you’ll certainly find things easier to deal with and search for down the track. Enjoy!

TNT9 ID: Bikes (1981)
Dur: 0’42”, 4.7 MB

TNT9 CSA: Australian Film and Television School (1981)
Dur: 0’31”, 4.5 MB

TNT9 Movie ID: The Sound Of Music (1981)
Dur: 0’37”, 2.6 MB

TNT9 ID: Model Of The Year (1981)
Dur: 0’28”, 2.5 MB

TNT9 ID: Reaching Out/Galaxy of Stars (1981)
Dur: 0’28”, 1.9 MB

TVC: Australian Women’s Weekly Greenhouse Cards with Allan Seale (1981)
Dur: 0’58”, 6.2 MB

TVC: Australian Listening Library (1981)
Dur: 0’31”, 2.0 MB

TNT9 ID: Reaching on through in colour (1981)
Dur: 0’12”, 576 KB

Christian Television Association: Rod Boucher “One man’s band” (1981)
Dur: 1’00”, 5.0 MB

TNT9 CSA: Fireworks Safety (1981)
Dur: 0’31”, 4.9 MB


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Happy new year everyone! We’re currently preparing a fresh video update in time for another year of archival goodness, starting next monday January 20th. Catch up with you then!