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Well it’s come around just like that again hasn’t it. Christmas is upon us! Frankster’s Archive is now closed for the Christmas and New Year break. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy, safe and absolutely kick-arse 2017! We’ll be back on Monday, January 16th, 2017 with another year of archival goodness for you to savour. Take care and bye for now!

Rememberance Day 2016

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I’m 43 today. Yes it’s my birthday – and it’s 3.00am and I should REALLY go to bed now. 43! Wow! As John Mellencamp said years ago..”I’m surprised that we’re still livin'”.

Wanna share this song with you guys. It’s a bit left-of-centre for my musical taste but it’s been in my head for hours after hearing it on 2GB recently and the lyrics are *really* deep. This is Melanie Dyer and “My stupid mouth”.

July 13th 2016 today and it was four years ago today that my dad Bruno passed away after suffering what the doctors called an “acute myocardial infarction” – in other words, he had a massive heart attack. I remember that morning as clear as day. I saw him in the corridor at 7.00am on my way to the bathroom and he seemed fine, but by 8.30 or so he was gone. The ambulance folks tried so hard to bring him back but he just wasn’t responding. Thinking of him today and going out to the cemetery. I miss you dad.

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